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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

THE MUSLIMS must know this

السلام عليك

Some knowledge i got from Motivasi Pagi. That ustaz, i don't know his name says that all devil will have a meeting one in a year. All of them will gather to gave appreciation for those who had success broke any relationship of husband and wife. 

It means, a broken marital relationship will make them happy and they will get homage from their big boss.

So, to all husband and wife out there, please, please and please keep and protect your menage or marriage.
Even a problem as small as particle must be solve quickly before it too late. 

Syaitan can  do anything to destroy 'anak-anak Adam'

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can't belive it


Hey Syifaa', you know what.. i still can't believe it your team had done a team work program.. what you call that.. MMC? Master Mind Crew?.. i really proud of you guys. you can handle kids in proper way. 

Thank you Miss Syafenas for be our guide teacher.. without you we can't make this program.. and thank you too you All Little Champs for giving your cooperation during this program. 

could you STOP!!!

assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all living thing,

i know most of teenagers has someone imporant in ther life... like boyfriend or girldfriend... but not me and some of my friend.. (now study is important for us!!)

eveyday they will communicate in any way right.. for example.. calling, messaging, dating, chatting and est. don't you feel bored when you always spent all time with your lover..

here i want to warn someone that i think she really annoying

hey girl!!

you know what we (as your close friend).... hate you when you spent all you times with yourboyfriend.. we don't no how to advise you.. we are so tired with you.. everyday you call him..about 6-7 times... early in the morning about 5 am, then afternoon after school is over, before going to evening prep, after evening prep untill 6 pm, then continue that night.. err too annoying.. we hate really hate it..

okay fine we still can consider if you talk in slow voice.. but girl please slow down your volume when calling your honey ok. i know he is so mean to you... but please we need our privacy. give me a time to calm and relax our mind. not hear you calling with him..you punya suara tu macam nak bagi 1 aras dengar... 

it was very annoying when you call him abg.. hey.. we still young okey.. not married yet... tolong jangan nak mengedik2 panggil abang, sayang and so on... geli tau... errr... one else.. calling too much will effect our ear... it will give a long term effect..

please change yourself or one day we will do something to change you... 

woman, lassie, girl and female out there, please take care of your dignity... we are so valuable and special.. please save yourself and special word for your husband... he is your everything.. not for your boyfriend.. 

to that girl.. i really sorry for saying bad to you... although you are very annoyed but sometimes you are good to me.. thanks for your kindness.. i appreciate it.. <3

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

come on SYIFAA


today is wednesday.. and i woke up early as usual... but i don't no what to do.. first thing i do when i woke up is bath..then i eat while watching television. and now i in front of laptop surfing internet, waste my time doing nothing... a lot of wasting my time..

syifaa does you realise that SPM just around the corner.. when you will start your study... you have not cover f4 & f5 yet.. come on syifaa... i know you can do better than PMR.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

si "penjualikan"


Today we talk about selfish.. I want to ask you.. why everybody in this world always be selfish. They do something for their own interest. Maybe all of them use this sentence :


Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm happy right now


at last. i had cleared all my past! i had delete all my past! bitter life.. and now i turns to a sweet life..
i must make my life become happy, cheerful and shine.. and now... i had to struggle on my study.. 

PMR SPM is around the corner.. i did'nt want to make my mother become sad just like when i got PMR result.. even i had do better 

but can you imagine how sad she is... i've got B for my English paper.. HOW EMBARRASSING. My mother teach english... how i can't follow her. so in this year.. i want to prove her that i can get A for English and also others subject. 

and also to others subject like:


pray for my success, may ALLAH bless you ...AMIN....



Hey readers, 
today i would like to say that i really missed my STAR. 
How can i find my STAR? 
When can i see my STAR ...
There a million of star up there. 
How could i find mine? 

"be shining like a STAR that always light the world"
"star never leave even during the day" ...............  that fact!

twinkle twinkle little star,
how i wonder what you are,
up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky.

#looks how they shine for us