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Saturday, June 2, 2012

could you STOP!!!

assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all living thing,

i know most of teenagers has someone imporant in ther life... like boyfriend or girldfriend... but not me and some of my friend.. (now study is important for us!!)

eveyday they will communicate in any way right.. for example.. calling, messaging, dating, chatting and est. don't you feel bored when you always spent all time with your lover..

here i want to warn someone that i think she really annoying

hey girl!!

you know what we (as your close friend).... hate you when you spent all you times with yourboyfriend.. we don't no how to advise you.. we are so tired with you.. everyday you call him..about 6-7 times... early in the morning about 5 am, then afternoon after school is over, before going to evening prep, after evening prep untill 6 pm, then continue that night.. err too annoying.. we hate really hate it..

okay fine we still can consider if you talk in slow voice.. but girl please slow down your volume when calling your honey ok. i know he is so mean to you... but please we need our privacy. give me a time to calm and relax our mind. not hear you calling with him..you punya suara tu macam nak bagi 1 aras dengar... 

it was very annoying when you call him abg.. hey.. we still young okey.. not married yet... tolong jangan nak mengedik2 panggil abang, sayang and so on... geli tau... errr... one else.. calling too much will effect our ear... it will give a long term effect..

please change yourself or one day we will do something to change you... 

woman, lassie, girl and female out there, please take care of your dignity... we are so valuable and special.. please save yourself and special word for your husband... he is your everything.. not for your boyfriend.. 

to that girl.. i really sorry for saying bad to you... although you are very annoyed but sometimes you are good to me.. thanks for your kindness.. i appreciate it.. <3

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